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Re: manipulate initrd from Debian installer


Mark Allums schrieb:

> Ahh, I beg your pardon.

no problem at all ;-)

> I don't see where you made the modules or installed them.  (You said in
> your earlier post that you copied them to a directory.)  However, it

i copied them from /lib/modules to the unpacked initrd dir.

> looks like your new kernel is looking for something and not finding it.
>  You seem to be trying to create a custom live CD.  Do you use any gnu
> or debian tools to automate the process?

i use gzip/gunzip/cpio/cp/mkisofs nothing more.

> If it is a CD, it may need support for the ISO 9660 CD standard.  Did

as i said, it is the netinstall.iso :-)

> you compile that into the kernel, or the initrd?  Once the kernel takes
> over from the boot loader, it doesn't know about filesystems unless they
> have been compiled in.

filesystems are always compiled into the kernel and it don't need the
ISO filesystem, cause the initrd could be found in a ram disk

cu denny

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