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Re: My first message... more of a mad mans rant...

On Mon, 2008-07-14 at 17:28 +0100, Steven Maddox (Cyorxamp) wrote:
> Damon L. Chesser wrote:
> >> 1) Lets try a version of Debian Etch without the binary firmware
> >>     
> >
> > answered by my /rant/ about firmware and clusers
> >   
> My point about the FSF Debian sister project was that it can be done so 
> easily that it gives us something to aim for.

It already exists, it's called "main."  Contrib are times that could go
in main but depend on stuff in non-free.  Non-free is just as it sounds.

> > Please respond back to the debian-user list.
> >   
> You have a reply-to set you realise so replies go to yourself and not 
> the list.

Reply-To: defines where replies to the author go, not replies to the
list or all replies.  You should be using "Reply to Mailing List"
instead of "Reply to Author" to reply to mailing lists.  Well managed
mailing lists do not set the Reply-To: header to identify how to reply
to the mailing list, it sets List-Id: instead.

Paul Johnson

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