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Re: My first message... more of a mad mans rant...

On Monday 14 July 2008 11:31:01 am you wrote:
> I hope you didn't type up all that, at least on the topics I raised...
> it was a waste...

ehh, practice on my composition skills.

> My topics were..
> 1) Lets try a version of Debian Etch without the binary firmware

answered by my /rant/ about firmware and clusers

> 2) Lets add dreamlinux and sidux to the list on debian.org and p.s. have
> a little look

> 3) Lets try a medium ground between stable and testing.

I thought you said an alpha release.  That is testing.  I am not a developer 
and I don't use testing, I use Sid.  In my eight years with Debian, testing 
seems a dangerous place to be.  How do you propose to move packages into or 
maintain this pre-stable version?  What criteria?  This seems like Testing to 
me.  No bugs reported >>testing, after some time, freeze, repair/fix bugs 
>>stable.  On this point, I am not being argumentative, I just don't see what 
one more step will do, or how do you talk volunteers into more work?
> It wasn't about Ubuntu vs Debian...

Responded to your " FSF endorsing an OS that has a 'Ubuntu Base' <- (again, 
*vomits*)" etc etc comments.  Sounds like you made it against Ubuntu.

My points were meant to show how FREE *only* is irrelavent other then an 
academic concept and will put you on the same path of the Dodo bird.  An OS 
must be useable in the REAL word.  RMS is all about making a living (we do 
disagree on HOW, sometimes, but what can you do?).  If you want to avoid 
obscurity, has been status, you must stay relevant to your user base.  If 
you/we/Debian are opposed to closed source, then don't use them, but you have 
to give *others* the choice (the Freedom part of FREE) to use them or not.  
But if you omit it all togther, it will go unused in the real world.  My 
reference to Ubuntu was only meant to point out the gains  they had in this 
regard.  I would rather Debian not ignore the user base (They mostly are not, 
> Sorry if it came across like that, but lets face it that argument is
> done to death.


Please respond back to the debian-user list.

> Sincerely...
> Steven Maddox
> (Cyorxamp)
> Cyorxamp's Personal Website
> http://www.cyorxamp.info
> Damon L. Chesser wrote:

Damon L. Chesser

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