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Re: CUPS vs lpd (was Re: Giving up on Iceweasel 3.0)

On 07 Jul 2008, Jan Willem Stumpel wrote:
> Anthony Campbell wrote:
> > On 07 Jul 2008, Jan Willem Stumpel wrote:
> >> I compiled by just "./configure", "make", without setting any
> >> options. So by default gtk does not have a cups print
> >> backend, only "lpr" and "file" (when compiled on a cups-less
> >> system, I presume). The Debian version has "lpr" and "file",
> >> as well as "cups" and something called "test". [..]
> > It didn't work here. I did the same thing and the appropriate
> > stuff in /usr/local but I still can't print. Did you do
> > something to make FF see the gtk-2.10 stuff?
> Probably. I messed around a bit with the settings in about:config.
> Some settings I have now:
> print.postscript.cups.enabled      false  [AFAIK not a default
>                                    setting; you have to create it]
> print.print_paper_size             1
> print.printer_list                 lp
> print.save_print_settings          true
> print.show_print_progress          true
> Most of these about:config settings related to printing do not
> seem to do anything, though. What do you mean by "the appropriate
> stuff in /usr/local"? "make install" as root takes care of that.
> "make uninstall" undoes the changes, useful for testing.
> Regards, Jan

I installed the gtk stuff in that way and I do have the entries you
listed. But I don't seem to have the same printer entries in

I have put

print.print_printer  user_set  string lpr

which doesn't seem to work. I can't see options for your other entries.
How did you create an entry for print.postscript.cups.enabled?

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