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Re: Hibernate/suspend works without quirks, but not with Gnome

Magnus Therning wrote:
I have a desktop system that is fully capable of hibernating and
suspending.  Both

 % pm-hibernate


 % pm-suspend

work beautifully.  I don't need to supply any further command line
options.  Resuming is also no problems.  Despite this
gnome-power-manager refuses to let me hibernate/suspend using the
shutdown dialogue.  Confusingly the message written to /var/log/messages
on an attempt to hibernate is:

 Jun 30 22:11:55 tatooine gnome-power-manager: (magnus) Resuming computer
 Jun 30 22:11:55 tatooine gnome-power-manager: (magnus) hibernate failed

I'm not really sure how to get this working from Gnome.  The quirks
pages don't seem to handle this situation...

What does /var/log/pm-suspend.log say, when you call suspend/hibernate via g-p-m?
Is your user in group powerdev?
Is your machine listed in hal-info to require quirks (lshal | grep quirk)?
What graphic adapter / graphics driver / kernel version do you use?


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