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RE: memory question (hardware)

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>From: magawake@gmail.com
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>Subject: RE: memory question (hardware)
>Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2008 01:08:10 -0400
>>I am curious...
>>When memory is manufactured why does a stick of 4GB memory cost 2.5
>times of
>>2GB memory? Is the manufacturing process that much different to
>justify the

Obviously we can't open up the sticks and look at the chips, but the
usual answer is that the 2G used "the older" technology and the 4G
used the "newer" technology and the chip vendor is trying to recoup
development costs.  As the "newer" technology becomes the "older"
technology the cost will go down.  With Moore's "law" this gives the
chip vendor about 18 months to recoup most of the development costs
and some profit.

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