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Re: using debootstrap to install Debian

michael wrote:
> I was following the instructions on, eg Debian_Admin, to attempt an
> installation of Debian on a Fedora box (that didn't like the netinst
> CD). I have got as far as installing a chroot in /debian_chroot but
> cannot work out the final steps needed to be able to boot into the
> Debian installation. Could some kind soul help me out? Thanks, M

Boot from UbuntuLive or the like (must have a grub boot loader), mount
your hard drive and copy the  initrd.gz  vmlinuz to /root. (found in

Reboot from cd an press escape to get to the grub command line.

grub> root (hd0,1) <= your hard drive
grub> kernel /root/vmlinuz root=/dev/sda1
grub> boot

Should work, I had the same problem with an older server. The cd booted
everything except the server :(

Hope I could help

Dig"IT"al Ninja

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