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Re: crashes... Perhaps a clone problem?

On Mon, 28 Apr 2008, Michael Shuler wrote:

Daniel Dalton wrote:
I installed debian to my new computer and cloned from my old box to my
new box...

I'm not clear on what you mean by cloned, but assume you mean that you

I mean that I got a list of packages from dpkg off one box and then got dpkg to install all and remove all the packages on my new box by using the file and being able to tell what to do:

openoffice.org install
mutt dinstall

So mutt would be removed from the new box, but oo would be installed. (as an example, sintax could be wrong.) Anyway the clone went fine and dpkg generated the text file on the old box and then dpkg read from the text file on the new box...
Does that make it more clear?

 > just copied your home directory.

Haven't done that yet. Anyway, that wouldn't affect it.

So my plan: unclone (is that a word) anyway, get all the packages
installed from the old box off the new one and if it removed anything
install it back.

Again, this is unclear - if you did more than just copy your home dir,

See above

like rsync'ing the entire filesystem, then I would, personally, just

No, using tools in dpkg to correctly copy one lot of packages from one system to another.
So both systems have exactly the same packages on them.

start a fresh install.

OK, if I was to do that how should I remove swap? Apparently it had a padlock in gparted...

Thanks for your help.


Daniel Dalton


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