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crashes... Perhaps a clone problem?

Hi All,

OK, I'm really disappointed.
I installed debian to my new computer and cloned from my old box to my new box... What I didn't realise: my old box had a serious bug on it.
Firefox, openoffice and pidgin are all unusable.

- firefox, a prebuilt nightly build beta, which crashes when I press alt + D to go to the address bar - Pidgin, when I enter my screen name in the add account and hit tab the system desktop crashes
- Openoffice, desktop crashes when I arrow over its icon...

OK, as you can probably imagine very annoying.
I don't really care about the old box.
So my plan: unclone (is that a word) anyway, get all the packages installed from the old box off the new one and if it removed anything install it back.

So I basically want it back to how it was just after the install: a working desktop and command line with the standard apps off the cd.
So how can I do this?

I just want these bugs fixed.
Or does someone know what I should do to fix these?

Any help is greatly appreciated,

Thank you!


Daniel Dalton


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