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Re: mutt + mailings list ( + vim)

On Tue, Apr 22, 2008 at 01:04:20AM +0200, hh.eu@gmx.de wrote:
> Am 21.04.2008 um 23:45 schrieb Alex Samad:
>> so whilst viewing an email, I press shift-l, this starts vim with the
>> emails, I then use up and down arrows and v to highlight some text, I
>> would then like to press <some key combo> and have the text replaced by
>> <cr>[snip]<cr>
> I haven't used this before, but try putting something like this into
> your ~/.vimrc file:
> map <C-S-F1> d<Esc>i<CR>[snip]<CR><Esc>
> This will create a shortcut for Ctrl+Shift+F1 (think of a better one, I
> used this for testing to make sure I didn't interfere with the  
> defaults).
> You make a selection in vim, i.e. press Shift+v, then go down a few
> lines, and then press the shortcut, which will delete the selection (d),
> go into insert mode (i) and put in your text and then leave insert mode
> again (<Esc>).

thanks for that, exactly what I want

> So actually it's pretty easy. Type
> :help key-mapping
> in vim for more info.
> You'll have to play around a bit to see how you want things when you
> don't select full lines.
> -Moritz
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