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Re: I would like to give my congradulation

On 28/03/2008, Walt L. Williams <waltwilliams@intergate.com> wrote:
Where can I find more information on "apt-get"? More that the small
PDF that I have already downloaded. Will it do a search for applications
using key words?  I installed KDE by completely de-installing Gnome and
then installing KDE and what ever bits of Gnome it needed for the
applications I chose.

Also I believe there is a way to get Debian to update itself online?
Any pointer where to find documentation on this?


  apt-get is part of a suite of apt tools. There is an apt howto guide on the debian website here[1].
  For me the two most used commands are `apt-cache search $querystring` and `apt-get install $packagename`.
  If you're after something a little more user friendly but still CLI try `aptitude`. It is a frontend for apt, is installed by default and seems to have better documentation than apt. Running `aptitude` will open a screen-like session allowing you to browse and install packages. '?' for help, 'q' to quit. Many other commands are vi-like: '/' to search 'n/N' for repeat search forwards/backwards 'j/k' for up/down. With commandline args apitude can provide similar functionality to apt-get though there are some discrepencies[2]
  Moving into X frontends there is Synaptic and KPackage which are intuitively point and click.


[2] try `apt-get moo` vs `aptitude moo`  :)

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