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Re: I would like to give my congradulation

On Thu, Mar 27, 2008 at 08:43:53AM -0600, Walt L. Williams wrote:
> Greetings all
> I just made the move from SuSE 10.3 to Debian Etch.
> When I updated from SuSE 10.0 to 10.3 I found myself 
> disgusted at how unpolished and rough it was. Things 
> that worked before didn't after the update. XMMS was 
> gone, I couldn't play MP3's, the online update feature 

I think xmms is no more anyway.

> was broken, and even Audacity (an audio editor) appears 
> to have been setup so it wouldn't read in MP3 files. 
> (This is how I convert the MP3 files I get a hold of to OGG's.)
Also stock Debian. You have to get "lame" from

> Debian Etch is by far better polished than SuSE 10.3.
> And as I have tried out previous Debian versions I must
> say that Etch is the best version of Debian yet. Even 
> with the apparent license paranoia over the Acrobat 
> reader and Firefox. (Both Free mind you) Although, 
> there might be more to this than I am aware of. 

There is. See the "Debian Free Software Guidelines" (DFSG)
I'd say a search on google for something like "Why isn't firefox in
Debian" should, hopefully, provide a reasonable answer.

> (One request though. I prefer KDE and it would be nice
> to have the option of which GUI I would like to use, 
> as it took a bit of hoop jumping to get the system 
> loaded with KDE.)
> Overall  --  Great job Debian Developers!!!!!!!!!
> Keep it going
> Walt
> in Boulder, Colorado
> (I wouldn't mind joining the effort once I get through 
> a few more of my comp science classes.)

Have a look through.


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