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I would like to give my congradulation

Greetings all

I just made the move from SuSE 10.3 to Debian Etch.

When I updated from SuSE 10.0 to 10.3 I found myself 
disgusted at how unpolished and rough it was. Things 
that worked before didn't after the update. XMMS was 
gone, I couldn't play MP3's, the online update feature 
was broken, and even Audacity (an audio editor) appears 
to have been setup so it wouldn't read in MP3 files. 
(This is how I convert the MP3 files I get a hold of to OGG's.)

Debian Etch is by far better polished than SuSE 10.3.
And as I have tried out previous Debian versions I must
say that Etch is the best version of Debian yet. Even 
with the apparent license paranoia over the Acrobat 
reader and Firefox. (Both Free mind you) Although, 
there might be more to this than I am aware of. 
(One request though. I prefer KDE and it would be nice
to have the option of which GUI I would like to use, 
as it took a bit of hoop jumping to get the system 
loaded with KDE.)

Overall  --  Great job Debian Developers!!!!!!!!!
Keep it going

in Boulder, Colorado

(I wouldn't mind joining the effort once I get through 
a few more of my comp science classes.)

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