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email without From: header (was: disassembling machine code)

On Sat, Mar 22, 2008 at 08:33:52PM -0700, Daniel Burrows wrote:
> > Mutt may be a lesser piece of crap than most mailers, but it is still a
> > piece of crap.  It screws up when "From:" is missing, and acts as if you
> > had send it.
>   I think it may be worse than that: I set my MTA up to add a default
> From field to outgoing email, but it ended up applying to incoming mail
> as well.
>   In which case it's not Mirko's fault at all.  Mirko, I'm sorry I
> jumped on you like that.  Probably I should have realized something
> screwy was going on and checked other possibilities first.

No problem. I'll try to explain what happened.

When first replying to Peter Easthope, I got distracted and mistakenly
sent him a personal email without Cc'ing debian-user.
After recognizing my mistake, I retrieved the email from my "sent" folder
and bounced it to debian-user.

Without going into the details of my email setup, the result was
that I sent a broken email without "From:" to the list.
Sorry for that, and for the resulting confusion.

I'll thouroughly investigate this message's "From:" header when I receive
it back from the list. :-)


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