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Re: Games on a Redmond virtual machine.

Thanks for all of your suggestions.

Elsewhere i've read that, having a regular dualboot, one could acess
XP through Linux and have XP believe it was running the system instead
of actually running within a window. Whatever means this is, it does
use the dlls of the fat/ntfs partition. It has the adfvantage of not
having to reboot if i just wanna do something quick; and the advantage
of having XP isntalled in a separate partition, meaning if something
doesn't work well i could just reboot.

At the moment the only use i have for XP is for games, which i seldom
play anyway. I have Half-Life 2, Quakes 1, 2 and 4, Soldier of Fortune
2 and Thief 3... Mostly shooters which usually are demanding as far as
graphics and framerate go. I have a lot of guests so occasionaly i do
reboot into XP, which is annoying, i'd rather open a window within my

I've heard a lot about VMware and afaik using wine would not really
cut it, even though wine's not an emulator. I'll dig into VirtualBox,
Xen and kvm.

Other suggestions?

Fica bem, porta-te mal.
Be well, misbehave.

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