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Re: Suggestions for improving ffmpeg performance?

On 3/10/08, Kevin Monceaux <Kevin@rawfeddogs.net> wrote:
> If I also remove -fPIC and -DPIC then yes, I get an mmx enabled version of
> ffmpeg. I just got home where I could test the package I built earlier.
> With the mmx enabled version I'm seeing much better performance.

Thanks for the hints. I got a working (so far, limited testing)
package built, and I retried the prior vlc that I did the other day -
seems to have improved performance to the point that the video is
watchable now - rather than frozen frames, a bunch of audio, then more
frozen frames or really bad pixellated video. Most of the time files
play OK (such as dvds) with relatively few warnings (like "Your
computer is TOO SLOW to play this" :( ).

I saw a bunch of warnings pop up during the shared libs dependency
check part, but I ignored them and so far things seem to be working

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