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Re: Suggestions for improving ffmpeg performance?

Kevin Monceaux wrote:
Debian Enthusiasts,

Does anyone have any suggestions for improving ffmpeg performance. To make a long story, well, not quite so long, I recently converted my home desktop box from ArchLinux to Debian. Back when I was running ArchLinux, and maybe one or two distros before, I started using pyTivo, a python script that can convert almost any video format into something a TiVo box can play and stream it to said TiVo box. It uses ffmpeg for the conversion. Under ArchLinux I could start a transfer and watch the video on my TiVo as it was being streamed. In most cases it would stream the video faster than normal playback speed, and would finish transferring it before one could finish watching it. Judging from the indicator lights on my network switch while a video was being transferred there was constant communication between my desktop PC and my TiVo. But, since I've switched to Debian that performance has gone down the drain. I have ffmpeg installed from Debian-Multimedia.org. Now, running Debian(Lenny), if I start a video transfer from my PC to my TiVo I have to wait for quite a while before I try to start watching it. Sometimes the transfer dies in mid-transfer. Watching my network switch I see intermittent activity between my desktop PC and my TiVo with two to three second pauses in between. ldd shows ffmpeg is using the i686 libc6 libraries. I tried rebuilding the ffmpeg package from source optimizing it for i686, but that didn't help. Does anyone have any suggestions I might try to improve performance?

The ffmpeg version in the debian-multimedia repository is build without MMX, I don't know exactly why. And this makes the program quite slow (something like 3 times slower).

I've just rebuilt the package reenabling MMX, and apparently it works OK, and much faster. I've read that you've rebuilt the package, but are you sure MMX is enabled?

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