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Re: Install Debian 4.0 to watch DVD video

On 02/03/2008, hce <webmail.hce@gmail.com> wrote:
> Well, I expected the "use as" can be selected as a root partition, but
>  that page only display following menu:
>  use as:
>  EXT 3
>  EXT2
>  Reiser FS
>  JFS
>  XFS
>  FAT16
>  FAT32
>  Swap area
>  Physical volume for encryption
>  Physical volume for LVM
>  Physical volume for RAID
>  do not use the partition
>  There is no "root partition", I actuall selected it as ext3, then it
>  came above error.
>  Now, if I select mount point to "/", it also came another error.
>  I actually don't want to do any partition change, the #5 has already
>  partitioned and formated as ext3. But I could not go over that
>  partition page. How can I skip partition page and just install the
>  Debian directly to hda5?

Read this part of the install guide on using the installer and partitioning.

Even if you don't want to change the other partitions you will need to
format and set up your hda5 again and tell it to mount hda5 as / this
will set up hda5 in /etc/fstab as your / and leave all the other
partitions alone (you will have to manually add them to /etc/fstab in
you want access to them) otherwise specify a mount point for them and
select them as "do not format".

The Debian installer is very flexible, you will get it do what you
want, it's just a matter of you finding the options in the installer.


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