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Re: mounting error USB stick

On Wed, Feb 27, 2008 at 10:01:54 +0000, Adam Hardy wrote:


>>>>>>>> On Sun February 24 2008, Adam Hardy wrote:
>>>>>>>>> Using xfce, Thunar used to pick up on the new usb storage device and put an
>>>>>>>>> icon in its tree pane for me with the usb stick's name. Clicking on that
>>>>>>>>> would then mount it to /media 


> So hal is actually meant to mount the usb stick automatically? Not just show an
> icon in thunar? How about CDs?

I don't know that; I guess that depends on the "philosophy" of
xfce/thunar. To the normal user it probably does not matter exactly
when the mounting happens, as long as he/she can click on the icon at
any time and access the media. 

> Plugging in a usb stick for a new user in xfce gave some interesting although in
> conclusive results. First of all I noticed that the usb stick also appears as an
> icon on the desktop. I just hadn't seen it with my normal user in amongst the
> clutter.
> Secondly, double-clicking the icon produced this message in .xsession-errors:
> ** (xfdesktop:14095): CRITICAL **: xfdesktop_file_icon_activated: assertion
> `info' failed
> and choosing the context menu 'mount' cmd pops up a dialog saying "no 
> mount point found for /dev/sda1"

Did you add the new user to the plugdev group?

> Strangely this doesn't happen for my normal user (could it be because my 
> normal user formatted it and gave it its permissions?). With my normal 
> user I am now back to square one: I have to go into thunar and select the 
> icon which appears before it mounts.
> In fact this is the same for cds.

As I said above, I do not know what is supposed to happen. I have the
impression, from looking around on freedesktop.org and related sites,
that the desktop environments generally strive to provide easy access to
the media in such a way that the user does not even have to worry about
the concept of mounting. 

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