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Re: Non-understood advice - was Re: dist-upgrade from sarge to etch - package

On Wed, Feb 06, 2008 at 10:53:48PM +0100, Florian Kulzer <florian.kulzer+debian@icfo.es> was heard to say:
> On Wed, Feb 06, 2008 at 20:34:14 +0000, Felix Karpfen wrote:
> > On Tue, 05 Feb 2008 18:54:08 +0100, Florian Kulzer wrote:
> > > Check for non-Debian packages on your system by running:
> > > 
> > > aptitude search '~i!~Odebian'
> > 
> > As an aptitude-novice, I tried the above command on my
> > fully-operational upgrade from Sarge to Etch.  It gave a long list of
> > installed packages - almost all of which were part of the Debian
> > install.
> What does your sources.list look like? I could understand this behavior
> if you had non-Debian archives included that provide packages with the
> same names as official packages. (The backports archive would be an
> example.) The above search term matches any packet that is installed and
> that has a non-Debian version in one of the archives known by apt; this
> non-Debian version does not have to be the one that is actually
> installed. If you want to avoid this ambiguity then you have to add the
> version narrowing operator:

  Packages that are obsolete are IIRC considered to have no origin,
because they aren't included in any known package archive.  You could
try searching for '~i!~Odebian!~o instead, maybe.

> > The generated list included one of the two non-Debian packages (opera)-
> > deleted during the install and replaced subsequently. It failed to find
> > the only other non-Debian package (vuescan).
> How did you install vuescan? Maybe it does not properly identify itself
> as non-Debian.

  Any package that isn't in an archive with Origin: Debian will be
matched by that expression; whoever provides the vuescan package would
have had to go out of their way to label their archive as being a Debian
archive in order for this to happen.  "apt-cache policy vuescan" and/or
"apt-cache showpkg vuescan" might give a hint about what's happening.


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