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Re: Modem in Debian

Paul Johnson wrote:
> Unless you run the phone line thru a surge suppressor.

Doesn't always help.  The problem is usually a difference of potential
between the phone line and the power line under lightning fault conditions.

Ron Johnson writes:
> Oh, yeah, because phone line surge suppressors never introduce massive
> amounts of line noise that reduce connection speeds, if still allowing
> connections at all...

I have a power distribution center with filtering and protection that
powers all my computers and my DSL modem (scrounged at a local school).  It
has phone line protection that worked fine with dialup but I can't use it
with DSL.

> Besides, what's to stop a big surge from arcing over the damaged external
> modem circuits, down the RS-232 cable and onto the mobo?

That can happen, but it's less likely with an external modem.  I've lost
several modems to lightning but the only time I had a motherboard damaged
was when I was using an internal modem.
John Hasler

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