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Re: Modem in Debian

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On 02/04/08 06:18, Russell L. Harris wrote:
> * Pantor <pantor@painter-decorator.eu> [080204 04:07]:
>> Douglas A. Tutty wrote:
>>> On Mon, Feb 04, 2008 at 08:28:06AM +0900, David Palmer wrote:
>>>  >  
>>>> Or provide yourself with a fax facility.
>>> Especially handy if tied up with an LPD spool.  Makes someone's fax
>>> machine as easy as the printer beside you.
> ...
>> That is allright, but how to make modem working?
> If the modem is an internal modem, it most likely is a "winmodem", in
> which case the only sane course of action is to remove it.  Then,
> physically destroy it, so that it does not cause grief to anyone else.
> If you wish to have a very nice and robust fax capability for both
> receiving and sending, get a US Robotics Sportster external faxmodem
> (very inexpensive, inasmuch as many are being retired as people switch
> from dial-up to DSL), attach it to a serial port, and then install the
> hylafax package.

The USR 5610C is an internal "hard" modem.  And because it's
internal, there's no need for extra wires, a wall-wart power
supplies, etc.


> Configuration of the hylafax package takes two or three minutes;
> simply accept the defaults, and then enter your own telephone number
> and name. 
> You may find helpful the document "Linux Fax Server: How to Set up Hylafax"
> (www.aboutdebian.com/fax.htm).  

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