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Re: Modem in Debian

* Pantor <pantor@painter-decorator.eu> [080204 04:07]:
> Douglas A. Tutty wrote:
>> On Mon, Feb 04, 2008 at 08:28:06AM +0900, David Palmer wrote:
>>  >  
>>> Or provide yourself with a fax facility.
>> Especially handy if tied up with an LPD spool.  Makes someone's fax
>> machine as easy as the printer beside you.

> That is allright, but how to make modem working?

If the modem is an internal modem, it most likely is a "winmodem", in
which case the only sane course of action is to remove it.  Then,
physically destroy it, so that it does not cause grief to anyone else.

If you wish to have a very nice and robust fax capability for both
receiving and sending, get a US Robotics Sportster external faxmodem
(very inexpensive, inasmuch as many are being retired as people switch
from dial-up to DSL), attach it to a serial port, and then install the
hylafax package.

Configuration of the hylafax package takes two or three minutes;
simply accept the defaults, and then enter your own telephone number
and name. 

You may find helpful the document "Linux Fax Server: How to Set up Hylafax"


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