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Re: Getting started with Xen -- Xen enabled kernel for Lenny?

On Jan 30, 2008, at 12:03 PM, Martin Marcher wrote:

Rick Thomas wrote:

I sincerely hope that the lack of Xen support in Lenny is a temporary
thing that will be fixed before the first Beta release.  Does anybody
know what's the problem?

The problem is that xen is quite behind with kernels, afaik it's a HUGE patch to apply and the most recent version is 18 (or 20 or something, it's been some time) and I gave up following that since the only sane options to
get a stable xen host where:

a) use distro packages from a stable tree
b) use the download from xensource (which I dislike because it pollutes the

If I could decide again I'd probably go with VMWare or kvm or vserver which I heard are include in the kernel mainline (well the latter 2 iirc), but xen seems to choose the commercial way and just adds patches based on their business plan. I don't hink it will be included in the mainline kernel any
time soon. (Yes bash me, but that is just my personal experience)

I may be wrong on vserver, but i read a bit about the kvm stuff and forgot
about it since we have no way to switch away from xen due to lack of


In what way does the download from Xensource "pollute" the machine?



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