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Re: [half solved] sources list not found repository debian

On Mon, Dec 31, 2007 at 09:13:54AM +0100, Micaela Gallerini wrote:
> 2007/12/30, s. keeling <keeling@nucleus.com>:
> > I think you need to know a lot more about how the packaging system
> > works to be comfortable running a hybrid.
> I think you don't know a person I don't talk so....^^

This doesn't sound like an insult. Based on the package management
knowledge base you have demonstrated in this thread, it would seem
prudent.  Most people aren't comfortable running a hybrid.

> I know that I installed, but I don't know that the system is locked in
> this way. It's prematurely for a system and since I 'm not only to
> have this problem, I don't know why you answer me in this way. I see
> much e-mail with upgrading problem, not only mine.
> > I'd avoid that if I were
> > you.  Stick with etch, or got to lenny, and stay there for a while.
> I used sarge for 2 years and I haven't no one problem with update,
> it's enough or I need a certification to say "I'm not a newbie".

Unless you have a need for more recent things, just stick with plain
unadaulterated Etch.  What's the problem?

> > Learn how it works.
> >
> I think that if etch don't work like a stable system like might be, I
> run again sarge or I run another distribution that permit to work
> correctly a simple programmer like me.

Etch is very stable when you give it a sources list that is only for
Etch.  Give it a messed-up sources.list and you get a messed-up system.

> No offence for the debian developers, I have no problem with them.


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