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Re: Gnus and emacs22

Sven Joachim <svenjoac@gmx.de> writes:

> On 2007-12-10 20:40 +0100, cothrige wrote:
>> Ah, that explains it.  It causes me to wonder just how much is now
>> coming preinstalled, and doesn't need to be added on?  I may be adding a
>> bunch of stuff twice, which may I suppose cause some confusion down the
>> pike.
> Possibly.  Please read the Emacs NEWS file, section "New Modes and
> Packages in Emacs 22.1" to see which packages have been integrated.
> Also see GNUS-NEWS in the same directory as NEWS.

Many thanks for that.  I will do so immediately.

> w3m-el-snapshot is a new package, but it has just arrived in testing:
> http://packages.debian.org/lenny/w3m-el-snapshot
> Maybe your mirror is not quite up to date.

That certainly sounds likely.

> What is the value of browse-url-browser-function?  For me, just putting
> the following two lines into my .emacs sets up w3m properly and does TRT
> when clicking on links in Gnus:
> (if (fboundp 'w3m-browse-url)
>     (setq browse-url-browser-function 'w3m-browse-url))

Very interesting.  I was using customize to set what appeared to be the
relevant options for browsers.  What I was using was w3m-browse-url, and
so I thought it would work, but I must have been clouding something up
somehow.  The lines you gave above did work, and so now things are
operating as I would have expected them to, though I am unsure how I
messed up the settings via customize.

Many thanks for the help.


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