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Nate Duehr wrote:
Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:

My Back-UPS LS 500 is in need of a battery. How do I go about finding that locally? I.e what does one ask for? I know the battery it has and that is not sold locally.

I don't know the physical layout of the LS 500, but the packs are typically made up of standard sealed lead-acid batteries that are used for all sorts of purposes... fire alarms, industrial, etc.

To replace these is simple: I just opened my UPS up, pulled out the pack -- which turned out to be two standard 12V sealed lead-acid batteries -- disconnected it (it's well marked for positive and negative, and in my case there was a "Y" cable with an in-line fuse holder between the two packs for current limiting), and took them to the local battery dealer.

I shopped a bit online and found batteries a couple of bucks cheaper (or really cheap in 10 packs - if someone has a lot of UPS's to refurbish), but the local store was convenient and their price was fair if I included shipping on the stuff from the Net dealers.

The local store also was nice because they took the two original dead batteries for recycling at no charge, and glued the two new batteries together to make up the "pack".

You could install them without gluing them together, for certain -- but it makes it a little easier to get them in and out of the unit with the front cover door down.

Slide the new "pack" in, reconnect the connectors and the in-line fuse holder that was hooked between the packs, and it was done.

APC also has a "trade-up" offer on their website where they'll give discounts on brand new units for turning in the old one (I believe they are even providing recycling services). The prices weren't that great, but if you were out in the country-side and didn't have a local battery dealer, it'd be better than nothing.

If this is your UPS: <http://www.apc.com/resource/include/techspec_index.cfm?base_sku=BP500UC&total_watts=200>

They have links on that page for battery replacement "kits" with and without their software. You only need the battery.

That's definitely a standard single sealed lead-acid battery. They sell that "kit" to replace it, but you can get that battery just about anywhere... Looking at the photos, I think that is a 7Ah battery, but let's see... a little Google...


Yep.  7.5 Amp-Hour standard gel cell.

CDW wants $35.99 for the "official" APC branded replacement.


APC voids their "equipment protection" if you don't use theirs, supposedly...

If you're not worried about that, those batteries (if I got the right UPS above) are a piece of cake to find all over the place.

Make sure you recycle the old one.   Have fun.

Nate that's a very complete answer. Let me try to apply that to Oaxaca, Mexico. Thanks!


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