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Nate Duehr wrote:
David Brodbeck wrote:

For home use the BackUPS models are fine, but for important servers I prefer the SmartUPS models due to their self-test capabilities. With a BackUPS your first clue that the battery has worn out is usually when the power fails and the UPS drops the load.

My BackUPS does a daily load test. The first indication that batteries are dead is when it tries to move the load to the battery and the alarm starts screaming bloody murder.

People often discard these units when the batteries fail, after thee or four years. If there's a good computer surplus store in your area you might be able to pick up some units for almost nothing that just need new batteries. I've frequently bought surplus BackUPS units for $2 to $3 each and I have yet to get one that needed anything more than new batteries.

Definitely agreed. Sealed lead-acid batteries are cheap, and most battery outlets will happily make you up a "pack" if your UPS is big enough to have more than one battery hot-glued together and make sure you have the correct tabs/connectors to install it in any UPS you might have.

I recently refurbished an old BackUPS 1100 that had dead batteries for about $50 for brand new, name-brand batteries.

People who won't be bothered to fix things and are part of the throw-away society, pay for nice new UPS's, and I get them for the cost of battery replacements. Great deal for me... sad for them.

My Back-UPS LS 500 is in need of a battery. How do I go about finding that locally? I.e what does one ask for? I know the battery it has and that is not sold locally.


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