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Re: Tool to configure sound

On Wed, Oct 31, 2007 at 10:59:14AM +0100, Florian Kulzer wrote:

> I don't see anything obvious, but the names and the functions of the
> ALSA controls are always a bit counterintuitive to me. (Also, for added
> fun, they are different for every card.)

In this case there are not too many of them, only 'PCM', 'Front',
'Line', 'Mic', 'IEC958', 'Capture', 'Capture', 'Input So', 'Input So.'

> You could keep speaker-test running in one terminal while using
> "alsamixer" in another terminal to play with the controls until you hear
> sound. 

That was fun.  I think I tried every permutation.  PCM has only volume;
Front, Line, and Mic have volume and mute; IEC958 has only mute; the two
Captures have volume and <space> toggles a display of
    L    R
beneath, whatever that may mean (stereo on and off?); the two Input So.
have only the option to be Line or Mic.

Anyway, it remains steadfastly silent in every conceivable state while
speaker-test continues to say 
    Time per period = 2,986811
     0 - Front Left
and so on.

It is not hardware, I have booted Doze a couple of times, and that gives
nasty little jingles.

Never mind -- I'll buy a phonograph, a soft cloth and scour the
second-hand markets for vinyl...

Thanks anyway.


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