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Re: booting from DVD?

Wayne Topa wrote:
If you tried using the prior udf dvd then I would think it wouldn't
work.  Did you try formating that dvd before you tried burning to it?

I always use a cd/dvd R/W to check the iso out before I burn to a cd/dvd R,
just in case.
now THAT's a great idea - guess I'll have to go out and buy a couple of r/w dvds
I've tried burning several images that purport to be bootable, but I'm guessing there are some parameters I have to set as well. When I burn CDs, they just work - but the DVDs don't (readable, but not bootable) - so I'm not sure what's going on.

When you select the iso file, does k3b show it is reading it?  Does it
show an Md5 checksum?

yup - the checksum verifies and the disk verifies after being written
I just tried, as a user & as root, on an amd64 box and a K7 box.  K3b
v1.0.3-2 on the amd64 box and k3b v0.12.17-9 on the k7 box and they
both created a bootable DVD.  I just selected "Burn DVD ISO Image"
after if formated the DVD R/Wg. Both boxes are running testin and kernel 2.6.21-2.
hmm.. no special settings - this is beginning to sound like my drive

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