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Re: booting from DVD?

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Miles Fidelman wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> I've been trying to get my system to boot from a DVD, and it's not
> working.  I wonder if I'm doing something wrong (or more likely, stupid).
> The system:
> - Foxconn motherboard (681 something)
> - Phoenix BIOS
> - E-IDE CDROM/DVD+RW drive
> - boot order set to CD, HDD
> If I stick in a bootable CDROM (e.g., a LiveCD) it boots just fine off
> the CD
> But... if I stick in what I think is a bootable DVD, the BIOS appears to
> spend some time accessing the drive (the light goes on, flashes a bit,
> ...), but then continues to boot off the hard disk.  I've tried this
> with both DVDs burned from iso images of xploraknoppix (Debian
> derivative live DVD) and the Opensolaris Community Edition (motivation
> is really to get solaris running to play with various combinations of
> solaris, zfs, xen, debian).
> So.... I'm wondering if:
> a. I have to change a setting somewhere, or,
> b. there's something I'm missing about burning the DVDs so that they're
> bootable, or,
> c. I'm missing some other step
> Thanks for any help.
> Miles

ill assume you are using gnome, all I do is right click on the iso file,
then choose write to disc.  has always worked fine for me.

did you burn the dvd on the pc your trying to boot from, and is the file
actually an .iso ?

does the dvd boot on another computer?

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