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Re: Debian may lose a user

Mike McCarty <Mike.McCarty@sbcglobal.net>:
>  Nate Bargmann wrote:
> >keeling:
> >> Plenty of stuff, lots of replies and multipost threads.  Can't see any
> >> bug reports.  Guess it's off to the BTS to search there.  Drat.
> >>
> >> How 'bout that?  Search of the BTS for submitter reports no reports
> >> found.  Huh?  What address did you submit them from?
> > 
> > Hmmmm, methinks the emperor has no clothes.  ;-)
>  Hey, that's pretty pejorative. I TOLD you I don't use Debian. I
>  didn't submit from my machine. So it isn't in my name, is it?

Ah.  I guess that might be an overly broad assumption on my part these

I don't think you're a troll.

>  No. It seems likely that she will blast Debian, and I just didn't
>  want to "disappear" off the list with no explanation, and thought
>  that some explanation might aid the group.

Okay.  My Mom just went from an iMac to Vista.  I feel your pain.

Still, I'd rather the perceived problems got fixed.

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