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Re: GNOME: Associate multiple queues with one printer: HOW?

Wayne Topa wrote:
Mike McCarty(Mike.McCarty@sbcglobal.net) is reported to have said:
My GF has a Debian/GNOME/CUPS machine, and wishes to associate more than
one queue with it. I use Fedora/GNOME/CUPS and have no problem doing
that, but so far have failed to manage it with Debian. Can anyone
help me get her machine set up to have more than one queue on
her printer? The connectivity is local through USB, if that makes
any difference.

If by queue you mean another printer instance, ie same printer used
but a different dpi etc, then you just make a new printer with a
different name.

That's precisely it. It appears to me that the GNOME printer
manager shipped with Debian is either broken or deficient
in this area.

CUPS Administration -> Add Printer
All of the options, except the printer name, are the same as the one
you already have, (IIRC).  Then change the options to be what you want.

Ok. Where do I locate the CUPS Administration? Do you mean use
the "web based" CUPS location via web browser on the local machine?

I have, for instance, an HP6P laser printer I have set up printer HP
as draft, 300dpi, printer 6P for 600dpi, and printer HP6PCB for
printed circuit board transfers.
Hope I understood you correctly.

Oh, yes.

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