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Re: Debian may lose a user

On: Tuesday, September 25, 2007 2:21 PM Hal Said:
There are always those who want everything and won't be happy no matter
what they get.  Oddly enough, I find a lot of people complain more
about something they get for free than something they pay for.

I've only had one item I've ever identified that was not and has never been fixed. And it is in the base linux kernel and has never been fixed in any distro. I identified it in the 2.2 kernel - long time back...

And, I've never had ANYTHING fixed by Microsoft that was not "Upgrade to newest version" in their response.

I mainly handle servers, so I love the debian distro...

Here's the one item I mentioned above:
Dialup into a USB Modem has issues with CR/LF (opost settings) and there is no way to compensate for them within the local terminal emulation program since the handling of CR/LF behaves differently based upon whether you are at the prompt or in an application like vi. - So, you have to switch back and forth the CR/LF settings in your favorite terminal package based on what you are doing on the linux box whenever you dial into a USB modem... (Dila into the same system, serial modem, works fine...) I sent the bug to usb-core and usb-serial years ago and it still hasn't been addressed. "stty opost" settings work on serial lines, but not usb-serial lines..

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