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Re: Two Xorg processes?

Florian Kulzer ha scritto:
I would log out and check if the second Xorg process is still there, to
see if the problem is tied to your account or not.

Still there.

Then I would temporarily switch to xdm or gdm and check if the anomaly
is still occurring. This will hopefully tell us if we have to start
poking around in the kdm configuration or in the configuration files of
X itself.
> /var/log/kdm.log might also be worth a look.

I tried with gdm and I got the same result. I turned then to the kdm log file and to xorg.conf. The only interesting line in kdm.log was the following:

(WW) fglrx: No matching Device section for instance (BusID PCI:1:0:1) found

...which reminds me that my video card has an unused exit port (a DVI port? I can't remember). Could this be the reason? It sounds a bit silly to have an X server running if nothing is connected to the DVI port, but who knows... How can I test this hypothesis?


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