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Re: Grub issues on Mac Mini?

Charles Turner wrote:
> On Tue, 04 Sep 2007 14:16:31 -0400, KS wrote:
>> I need to update the instructions too as I found some typos and that I
>> have a bigger 4GB USB disk to test various drivers for the MBP.
> Hi KS-
> Cleaned up my internal and got the Grub off the MBR there. (Whew!) 
> Followed your instructions but rEFIt doesn't boot the Linux partition. 
> The EFI shell is displayed and says Legacy mode boot has failed. Was 
> this what you experienced when you wrote this:
>>> At this stage, GRUB should present you with a choice of kernels to 
>>> boot. Choose the first (the other is single user rescue mode) kernel 
>>> and hit "Enter". You system should boot into Debian now. If it 
>>> doesn't, it is most likely a bad root= option in GRUB. Mine showed 
>>> (hd1,1) as root, which was expected as the USB disk was detected as 
>>> /dev/sdb. But when I use rEFIt booting, it is detected first and root 
>>> option of (hd0,1) is the one which works. Try it(numbers depending 
>>> upon your system config and hard disk partitioning) and hopefully it 
>>> should work out pretty well.
> ...or did you make it into Grub even though it had the bad root= ? I've 
> been using the i386 installer which reports the drives in the same 
> order OSX does, but the AMD64 installer had them swapped. I haven't 
> changed the Grub config file yet.
> Also, is your Grub version Grub2 or the old one? My 09012007 AMD64 
> netinst uses Grub2...
> Thanks! Charles

rEFIt was able to get me the Grub on the USB disk and I got the normal
list of kernels to boot into. The root= option comes into the picture
when you ask Grub to boot a particular kernel. So I had to correct that
before I could boot into Debian.

Grub version..... I haven't checked but I have a strong feeling that it
wasn't the Grub2 version. I will check it and reply back in a little while.

Oh, and the problem with root= might be solved using the UUID stuff
Ubuntu uses. How does go using UUID with Grub? Don't know yet :)


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