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Re: Grub issues on Mac Mini?

On Tue, 04 Sep 2007 14:16:31 -0400, KS wrote:

> I need to update the instructions too as I found some typos and that I
> have a bigger 4GB USB disk to test various drivers for the MBP.

Hi KS-

Cleaned up my internal and got the Grub off the MBR there. (Whew!) 
Followed your instructions but rEFIt doesn't boot the Linux partition. 
The EFI shell is displayed and says Legacy mode boot has failed. Was 
this what you experienced when you wrote this:

>> At this stage, GRUB should present you with a choice of kernels to 
>> boot. Choose the first (the other is single user rescue mode) kernel 
>> and hit "Enter". You system should boot into Debian now. If it 
>> doesn't, it is most likely a bad root= option in GRUB. Mine showed 
>> (hd1,1) as root, which was expected as the USB disk was detected as 
>> /dev/sdb. But when I use rEFIt booting, it is detected first and root 
>> option of (hd0,1) is the one which works. Try it(numbers depending 
>> upon your system config and hard disk partitioning) and hopefully it 
>> should work out pretty well.

...or did you make it into Grub even though it had the bad root= ? I've 
been using the i386 installer which reports the drives in the same 
order OSX does, but the AMD64 installer had them swapped. I haven't 
changed the Grub config file yet.

Also, is your Grub version Grub2 or the old one? My 09012007 AMD64 
netinst uses Grub2...

Thanks! Charles

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