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Re: Grub issues on Mac Mini?

Charles Turner wrote:
> On Tue, 04 Sep 2007 13:35:11 -0400, KS wrote:
>> I installed Debian on a USB key without GRUB and without touching the
>> HDD on my Macbook Pro. You can read the instructions here
>> http://ghaint.no-ip.org/~k2/debian/mbp-usb.html if you want to try that
>> method.
> Hi KS-
> Thanks for this. I haven't tried it yet, but it's already revealed 
> something. Your paragraph:
>>> At the point where the installer asks to install GRUB at the MBR, 
>>> choose "No". After this the installer will ask you where to install 
>>> GRUB, choose the USB disk device which was /dev/sdb for me. Install 
>>> GRUB and continue to finish installation. When installation is done, 
>>> Debian will ask you to take the disk out of the tray and reboot.
> Led me to believe I must have accidentally installed Grub in the MBR on 
> the Mini's drive. Anyway, Christoph Pfisterer's disktype shows a Grub 
> there pointing to a 2nd disk. I also get a Tux w/HD icon when my Linux 
> disk is offline!
> Also point of clarification: In the above, are you installing Grub to 
> the device /dev/sdb, or to the root partition dev/sdb#?
> Best! Charles

Oops, I should have pointed out that I didn't install GRUB on the main
HDD on the Macbook Pro but on the USB key. I installed GRUB on the
/dev/sdb device (USB key) and not on the partition. From what I
understand this should write on the MBR of the the USB disk.

I need to update the instructions too as I found some typos and that I
have a bigger 4GB USB disk to test various drivers for the MBP.


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