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Re: Thinking about devoting a serious part of my life to linux...

john@wexfordpress.com wrote:
For a pure learning experience there is gentoo (vaguely debian-like)
or Linux From Scratch. If you fight your way through one of those
installs you will know a lot of the tearful side of Linux. They don't
hide the details, they glory in the low level nuts and bolts.
I'll echo that. Learned a LOT working through Linux from Scratch. Less enamored of Gentoo, if I'm going to build from source I find it a lot easier just downloading whatever program I'm interested in and running the makefile - without putting a build system in the middle.

For production, I've found Debian to be the most stable environment, and apt-get is excellent for dealing with dependencies. Though I find there are an awful lot of packages I use that I need to build from source. Not looking forward to migrating my production boxes from Sarge to Etch, though.


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