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Re: Thinking about devoting a serious part of my life to linux...

On Sep 4, 12:30 am, Amit Uttamchandani <amit.ut...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Linux and Open Source in general are definitely the future.
> First step will be to use Linux full time as your main system. I recently
> started using Debian Etch full time and I have definitely learned so much more.
> There is always something new that you will learn everyday.
> Next step would be to read up on how linux works. Great place to start would be
> the /usr/shar/doc/FAQ and HOWTO directories. I guarantee you if you read every
> single document there, you will a linux guru in no time.
> Then finally of course, would be to play around and build your own linux system.
> The best place to start would behttp://www.linuxfromscratch.org/.
> Of course, intermediate step would involve building your own kernel and
> compiling programs from source.
> And Debian is definitely the right choice.
> Amit
> --

The most popular business distro is some form of Red Hat. I don't like
it but that is what the suits go for. A very popular one among the
programming community is Slackware. As an old (in all senses)
programmer I find Slack congenial to those of us who like to "touch
the wires together by hand."

For a pure learning experience there is gentoo (vaguely debian-like)
Linux From Scratch. If you fight your way through one of those
installs you will know a lot of the tearful side of Linux. They don't
hide the details, they glory in the low level nuts and bolts.

I admit to prejudice. Debian and Ubuntu manage to hang up on my
particular system.  I can make a new install of Slackware 12 run by
copying over my old /etc directory.

Debian has an entirely different /etc structure so that trick won't
with that distro.

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