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Re: Thinking about devoting a serious part of my life to linux...

Linux and Open Source in general are definitely the future.

First step will be to use Linux full time as your main system. I recently
started using Debian Etch full time and I have definitely learned so much more.
There is always something new that you will learn everyday.

Next step would be to read up on how linux works. Great place to start would be
the /usr/shar/doc/FAQ and HOWTO directories. I guarantee you if you read every
single document there, you will a linux guru in no time.

Then finally of course, would be to play around and build your own linux system.
The best place to start would be http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/.

Of course, intermediate step would involve building your own kernel and
compiling programs from source.

And Debian is definitely the right choice.


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