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Re: LVM partition full (was:what is /command directory?)

"Richard Lyons" <richard@the-place.net> wrote:

>>>  I also notice a number
>>> of directories I've never heard of before under root:
>>>    command, package, service

>Still, it was late and I was panicking rather unnecessarily.  After
>sleeping on it, I am tending to the view they must be from that tinydns
>episode.  I'm going to remove them on that assumption and see what
>happens.  I never persuaded tinydns to run, so it is no loss.

They will be from tinydns.

The /command, /package and /service directories are what Dan Bernstein
uses in his software (qmail, djbdns, daemontools, etc). If you dont have
any of his software installed, you can safely remove these directories.

DJB software typically has service installation software included and
that creates those directories. The debian packages also include a -fhs
variant that puts the files in FHS compliant places.

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