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Re: source code installation

On Sun, Aug 19, 2007 at 17:53:47 +1000, jupiter DOT hce AT gmail DOT com wrote:
> Thanks Florian and Andrei. The installation of OpenOffice works indeed 
> after installing the second CD.
> > With aptitude you can do searches like this:
> >
> > aptitude search '~i(~sgames|~Ggame)'
> >
> > This will list all installed (~i) packages which belong to the "games"
> > section (~sgames) or (|) which have the string "game" in one of their
> > debtags (~Ggame).
> >
> > You can uninstall all these packages with one fell blow by replacing
> > "search" with "remove" in the command above. If you want to have a bit
> > more control over what is going on then you can use aptitude in
> > interactive mode, look at "Installed Packages > games" and decide
> > yourself which ones you want to remove.
> I've also tried to run aptitude search '~i(~sgames|~Ggame)' and got 
> following list:
> i A gnome-about                     - The GNOME about box
> i A gnome-applets                   - Various applets for GNOME 2 panel - 
> binary
> i A gnome-games                     - games for the GNOME desktop
> i A gnome-games-data                - data files for the GNOME games
> i A wodim                           - command line CD/DVD writing tool
> i A xbase-clients                   - miscellaneous X clients
> I guess the next command I should run to remove all games are following. 
> Are they correct?
> aptitude purge $(gnome-about)
> aptitude purge $(gnome-applets)
> aptitude purge $(gnome-games)
> aptitude purge $(gnome-games-data)
> aptitude purge $(wodim)
> aptitude purge $(xbase-clients)

Wodim is Debian's version of cdrecord, so don't remove it if you plan to
burn CDs or DVDs at some point. xbase-clients is necessary to run X
normally. Gnome-applets has some quite "serious" applications; see for
yourself with "apt-cache show gnome-applets" and decide if you want to
keep it. (You seem to have run into a bug of aptitude's search
mechanism: It looks like it can return false positives with the "~Ggame"
pattern for packages which do not have any debtags. This is fixed in Sid
as far as I can tell.)

That leaves gnome-about (~ 0.5 MB), gnome-games (~ 2 MB) and
gnome-games-data (~ 20 MB). You can purge them to free some disk space.
You can use whatever package manager you like best to do this; it does
not have to be aptitude. (I like aptitude very much, but you have to be
prepared to read the documentation in package aptitude-doc-en, otherwise
some of its advanced dependency-handling features will confuse you.)

Regards,            | http://users.icfo.es/Florian.Kulzer
          Florian   |

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