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Re: Canon Powershot A640 (update #2)

andy wrote:
> andy wrote:
>> Ron Johnson wrote:
>>> Hash: SHA1
>>> On 08/08/07 12:51, andy wrote:
>>>> Hi again
>>>> Yes, apparently gphoto2 *does* recognise the camera (and this is
>>>> confirmed by Canon as well). However, with the Sony, I never used
>>>> gphoto2 and only installed it thinking that it might help with this
>>>> one.
>>>> Anyway, here's the output of your suggestion:
>>>> andy@valhalla:~$ sudo tail -n40 -f /var/log/syslog
>>>> Aug  8 18:09:01 valhalla /USR/SBIN/CRON[3830]: (root) CMD (  [ -d
>>>> /var/lib/php4 ] && find /var/lib/php4/ -type f -cmin
>>>> +$(/usr/lib/php4/maxlifetime) -print0 | xargs -r -0 rm)
>>> [snip]
>>>> connect to a high speed hub
>>>> Aug  8 18:49:52 valhalla kernel: usb 2-2.3: configuration #1 chosen
>>>> from
>>>> 1 choice
>>>> Aside from the USB messages, it looks like the camera is being
>>>> recognised. But, beyond that ...
>>> Are you plugging the camera *directly* into your PC, or into a hub?
>>>  Specifically, an un-powered hub?
>>> Are thumb drives recognized when you plug them into that exact port?
>>> - --
>>> Ron Johnson, Jr.
>>> Jefferson LA  USA
>> Ron
>> I have switched to a different port because of the hub issue and now
>> plug the USB cable directly into the port. I don't know what a thumb
>> drive is - if you mean a memory stick, then yes, those are recognised
>> readily and auto-mounted.
>> With reference to your other post: my system already had kamera
>> installed and I have just added digikam. Still no dice.
>> So far I've eliminated that the problem source is the camera or the
>> USB cable. It also doesn't appear to be the kernel as I have booted
>> this machine into an earlier kernel version (2.6.18).
>> The camera and the images are recognised on an Etch machine running
>> KDE and kamera. The Etch machine does not have gphoto2 nor digikam
>> installed, nor is the user a member of any camera group.
>> I cannot get the camera nor images recognised on my Lenny machine
>> running KDE, Xfce4, nor Gnome, even though kamera (and now digikam) is
>> installed. Using KDE a camera device appears to be found, but the
>> camera type/brand/model isn't recognised even though on the Etch
>> machine it is recognised natively.
>> This is all very confusing, and aside from the obvious (my machine) I
>> am unable to discern a coherent pattern.
>> A
> OK have run digikam at the command line and manually added the camera to
> it and now I can view the images. So that at least is progress. It still
> does not answer the more basic question of why the camera is not being
> auto-mounted as it is on the Etch machine.
> Any ideas on that would be really helpful.
> Thanks to all who have contributed so far.
> A

If I recall correctly, if I connect my wife's camera directly to my Etch
machine, I have to detect the camera from digikam's menus -- i.e. it
isn't detected automatically. If you wish, I can verify this in a few

However, I normally just insert the camera's SD card into my card reader
connected to the computer via a USB cable. Using that external card
reader makes reading the flash drives very easy (auto-detection,
auto-mounting, etc.).


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