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Re: Canon Powershot A640

Raquel wrote:
On Wed, 08 Aug 2007 17:39:59 +0100
andy <geek_show@dsl.pipex.com> wrote:

Hi all

I have just bought a Canon Powershot A640 camera and went to
download  the photos off of the memory card using the USB cable.
However, although  a dialog box pops up telling me that a camera
has been detected and  would I like to import/ignore the photos,
no device is auto-mounted nor  will it actually import the photos.
Whenever I use my old Sony video  camera for stills, Debian
automatically mounts it and enables me to  access the card to
download the photos.

I have tried both the 32MB card that comes with the camera as well
as  the 2GB card I bought ... and no luck with either of these.

My search on Google didn't tell me much - just an entry about
Gphoto but  zippo beyond that. Has anyone any experience with this
camera and any  ideas about why it is not automounting. Of course,
the software that  comes with the camera is for Mac and MS, but in
any event, that looks  like it has more to do with image capture
rather than mounting the  device anyway.

I am wanting to use this on holiday in a few days' from now, so
would  like to get this sorted. I am using Lenny with Gnome.

Thanks for any assistance.


Check permissions ... you're part of the "camera" group?

Thanks - have just checked but there doesn't appear to be a "camera" group for me to join. I *do* have permissions to access external storage media. Doesn't a camera count as such?




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