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Re: Canon Powershot A640

Ron Johnson wrote:
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On 08/08/07 12:07, andy wrote:
Raquel wrote:
Check permissions ... you're part of the "camera" group?

Thanks - have just checked but there doesn't appear to be a "camera"
group for me to join. I *do* have permissions to access external storage
media. Doesn't a camera count as such?

# addgroup camera

# adduser $USER camera

Then you must log out and back in again to make it "take".

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Ron Johnson, Jr.
Jefferson LA  USA

Hi Ron

Thanks for the steer - did that, logged out and back in again and fired up the camera. I still get the dialog box that tells me there are images on the camera and would I like to import/ignore them. I select import and still nothing. On my other camera the Sony, an image appears on the desktop as well as the dialog box. With this camera though, there is just the dialog box ... no icon.

I am feeling stumped.



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