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Re: Eeek?! smbmount is deprecated?!

Andrew Sackville-West wrote:
On Wed, Jul 11, 2007 at 09:04:29PM -0500, Kent West wrote:

[a bunch of resolved cifs/smbfs stuff... ]

And finally, the last issue remains: if mount normally must be run by root, how can I give non-root users access to mount shares without knowing before-hand what shares to pre-populate /etc/fstab with?

It would be much easier just to continue using smbmount, but like I say, I'm trying to be a good, forward-going sort of guy rather than living in the fading past....

I;m jumping in here. What makes you think smbmount is going away? its
still listed as a file in the sid versions of samba stuff.
The man page, as in ...

westk[@westek]:/home/westk:> man smbmount

smbmount mounts a Linux SMB filesystem. It is usually invoked as
WARNING: smbmount is deprecated and not maintained any longer. mount.cifs
       (mount -t cifs) should be used instead of smbmount.

maybe the solution to your problem is to go right around it and use
automount (can you use that with samba? I think so) and just set up
automounts for everything that could be mounted.
I'm not really familiar with automount, but doesn't it require you to pre-define the available mounts (as your question indicates)? That would prevent Joe User 1 on his Windows box from sharing out a folder on Saturday evening so Jane User 2 on the Linux box could get to the pictures from the birthday party that day, unless the admin of the Linux box had already foreseen that Joe User 1 would be doing that, in which case I suspect the admin could be doing a lot better things with his prophetic gift than adminning a Linux box.

But as mentioned, I don't really understand automount, so that might be an option for me to investigate.



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