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Re: Installing Debian Etch on hw RAID 1 on nvidia nForce 430i

On Fri, Jul 06, 2007 at 09:58:38PM +0200, csanyipal wrote:
> I want to install Debian Etch on my new box with motherboard that has for 
> the storage the nvidia nForce 430i chipset. This chipset support RAID 
> 1 configuration.

No it doesn't.  MB 'raid' is really software raid set up by the BIOS
that uses windows drivers when you run windows.  If it were hardware
raid, then when you install Debian it will only see one disk (the
hardware RAID being transparent to Debian).  

> I want to install Etch on two SATA disk with the hardware RAID 1 
> setup.

The installer lets you set up software raid as a standard feature.

> I setup in the BIOS the RAID 1 for these disks. I have only these two 
> disks (2 x 320 GB) in the box.

Won't work.  Undo the raid setup in the bios.

> I want to use the downloaded debian-40r0-i386-CD-1.iso for this 
> installation.

No problem there.

> Will Etch recognize the RAID 1 BIOS setup during the installation?

No.  See above.

> I find on the internet documentation about hardware RAID [1] but can't 
> find in there description about installing a GNU/Linux system on hw 
> RAID 1 out there.

See above.


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