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Re: reconfiguring grub to see windows partition etc....

On 05/21/2007 03:11 AM, Michael Fothergill wrote:
Dear Debianists,

I am using a machine at work that has an AMD Duron 1200 MHz i386 chip in it and two hard disks. The master is a 40GB drive and the secondary one is a 20GB drive.

Debian Etch r0 i386 lives on the 40GB drive.

I used to have Fedora Core 6 on the 20 GB drive but now I wiped it off using the debian installer partitioning software.....

After a lot of farting around I managed to install Windows 98 on the smaller 20GB drive. [...]

Read the grub info pages by using this command (in Debian):

info grub Booting OS DOS

Good luck.

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