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Re: why linux?

On Mon, May 21, 2007 at 02:57:09AM -0400, S C wrote:
> For months now I have been trying to make Debian behave like a real OS. 

Welcome!  (Debian *is* a real OS. Let's leave it at that)

I conclude that you have missed out on the debian-user mailing list for 
months then.

> However, I still cannot print, format/initialize a new cd or use one to back up
> files, get the sound working, watch a movie or read images from my digital
> camera.  With Windows all this was simple.  I downloaded the relevant program,
> set it up and it worked.  Windows is supposed to be devilspawn and doomed, and
> maybe it is.  It does, however, have one saving grace; it works.  It works
> without expecting me to become a systems engineer.

I'd love to help, but without any useful information from you I cannot.  

Printing: "cannot print" is very vague. What happens when you try to 
print? *how* do you try to print?  What sort of printer?  Has it got 
paper? etc etc etc

"cannot ... get the sound working"?  

"cannot ... watch a movie" ?

"cannot ... read images from my digital camera" ?

You give us no information whatsoever that helps us help you.  Although 
the (technical) issues you suffer from may or may not be bugs, reading 
should provide you with a few insights.  Basically: to help you, we need 
more information about what, how etc.

> When I go to someplace like freenode/#debian I am ignored.  

Without any other information to go on, I'll have to assume that you 
introduced yourself the same way. On IRC you really need to show some 
will to help yourself and ask intelligent questions before you're taken 

> Maybe I should say
> to Hell with Linux and sell my story to Microsoft.  Obviously I don't really
> want to, but how much longer should I put up with a partial OS?  I don't mind
> telling you I'm damned sick of it.

Well, just shouting "Don't work" will not change anything - except 
perhaps your blood pressure.  

We've never heard of you before that rant - it makes for a very bad 
first impression.

Perhaps you suffer from "positive pigheadedness" ?  So I do, hence this 

Karl E. Jorgensen
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Let us not look back in anger or forward in fear, but around us in awareness.
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